Erich Boehm


Albert's Job Listings and Referrals (work in progress)


Albert's Job Listings and Referrals (or AJLR for short) is an online community and professional career services firm that offers a wide variety of services such as interview coaching, resume writing, etc.  They offer chapters in multiple regions with a network of coaches and recruiters  They are looking to create a mobile application for job hunting and to simplify the process of job hunting in today's busy, fast paced world.

The solution

Job hunting can be a tedious, cumbersome task, chiefly due to communication issues and delays.  Resume submissions go unanswered and can sometimes take days to even reach the right person due to administrative issues.  With the AJLR app, I attempted to simplify the job hunting process to get people matched up to great positions in the most efficient way.

I started with the name.  I wanted something simple and efficient, to echo the goals of the app.  I went with the name "SparkReach."  "Spark" represents that little jolt of intuition and progress that can cause a quantum leap in one's job search.  "Reach" reflects communication, the central component of job searching.   Once, I had a name, I started out by sketching icons and UI elements.

Once I had a basic idea of the building blocks, I started to build out the first part of experience, the login screen. As AJLR has it's roots in Facebook, the platform serves as the primary means of login.  The user can also get an overview of their notifications broken down by type in the the upper right corner.


I also created a mockup of the "Jobs" screen where users can browse through and apply to the latest jobs and apply with one click.  Postings are imported from the Facebook group can be sorted by date, popularity, or lack of popularity thereof, which gives people the opportunity to get their information sent in before any one else.  A more detailed notification breakdown can be found on the upper right hand corner.  The company of the relevant person is  highlighted, as well as the notification type through several types of icons.  For example :

 This would indicate that you have a new message from "Libby Smith" who work at Facebook.

This would indicate that you have a new message from "Libby Smith" who work at Facebook.


I also chose to take an innovative approach in the area of location.  Location is key.  A recent study revealed that 17.1 percent of candidates have relocated for various reasons, including better pay and being closer to family.  I wanted to empower candidates to make better choices about the locations of career prospects. }

Most platforms (Indeed, LinkedInI, Monster, etc) offer people the simple opportunity to simply select a location and indicate the distance from it that they would like to work.  This has several problems

  1. It doesn't play to the reasons that data shows drive people's decisions to relocate.
  2. It only allows people to search through a couple areas.
  3. People's location preferences may not be adequately expressed by a circular area.

Here is how Spark reach would approach the topic of location

Location (1).png

Users could draw out their location preferences in as many locations as they saw fit.  The average salary rate for that area would be calculated (which addresses the top reason for relocation - money.)  In the bottom left, there is a breakdown of the selected regions by industry.  This breakdown would be interactive. Users can drag each metric to adjust the relative percentages of industry percentages, which would feed back into the selected locations.  

Want to to learn more about the background and inspiration for this project?  Click here.

Arise NYC

A(rise) is an upcoming NYC based design agency, they were looking for a web concept to launch their brand.  They wanted something with a rustic look to reflect the culture of New York. 

download (3).png

Abilities United

The problem

Abilities United is a nonprofit in Palo Alto that provides a wide variety of services to people with developmental challenges.   They were redesigning their website and looking for a number of concepts.  Accessibility was one of their requirements.  The new site had to be accessible for the visually impaired.

The solution

I presented them with a succession of 3 distinct concepts, starting from the the one at the very bottom, and iterating on my vision successively with each bit of feedback.  The feedback, which led me to the final below design was as follows (starting from the bottom)
1) Client requested a more diverse, vibrant color palette to create a more vivid emotional reaction.
2) More modern appearance to match their newer branding.

The final design was chosen by the client and incorporate the accessibility tools to adjust font size as well a a bright, vibrant color scheme, and and an easily to use, and  high contrast login portal (great for those who are visually impaired.)   The new site design also employs photography for a more human-centric connection with the viewer.  Strategically thinking, this is what the Abilities United Brand is all about. Their brand seeks to create human connections.  I also incorporated a stronger footer to accommodate their recent expansion on social media.

Final concept


Second concept

download (2).png

Initial concept

download (1).png