Erich Boehm

The Kraken

Tools used:  Affinity Designer


I wanted to create a fictional, non-alcoholic beverage.  Alcohol is a very dominant force in our society. 86% of people over the age of 18 report that they have drunk at some point. I have always been wanted a great, high quality non alcoholic beverage that is infused with personality and exudes character. I have always had a deep and unending fascination with all things nautical and sea mythology.  I wanted to create a brand that spoke these values and would disrupt the market by putting quality before.  Alcoholic beverages represent a very small segment of the market compared to alcoholic beverages, and I wanted to create something that would cater to an audience that is perhaps being not being catered to.



I envisioned a fictional non-alcoholic liquor as Rum is something that has always been synonymous with sea culture. I started off the design with the title.  The title is what informed the concept after all.  "The Kraken is a popular staple of nautical mythology that actually has it's roots in norse legends of the 13th century.  The legend has terrified seafarers and sailers for centuries.  Sightings  have allegedly been reported on several occasions through the last few centuries.

I started with some sketches (click the images to move the carousel)

From there, I brought the images into Designer and converted them to vector form.

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 12.57.01 PM copy.jpg

Space was a key component of the design and used color and hue to establish a clear sense of background and foreground the the design to make it "jump off the page."  I wanted to create the sense that the design was a living and breathing almost sense of chracter.  Things such as the tentacle wrapping around the title and the water droplets help to give the design an air of life.

Here is the completed design along with a mockup

Kraken copy.png