Erich Boehm

Photography marketing collateral

A design for flyers promoting my fine art business.

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop


The problem

I wanted to create some collateral to build awareness for my fine art photography brand and increase conversions and mot importantly, traffic to my fine art page.


The solution

A double sided 3.5" x 5.5 postcard sided flyer.  Front has an image with warmer tones to contrast with the backside with more cool tones.  This dichotomy reflects the two different roles served by either side.   The theme is classical to speak to the old-world sensibilities of artisanship I feel my fine art brand on.

The first image depicts the front side of the flyer.  Warm tones dominate the image the title at the top draws the viewer into it. It is meant to attract the viewer's attention and make them wonder more about what it is alluding to.

The rear side has much cooler tones to distinguish it from the font.  It also contains a QR code to peak the viewer's interest. It is both a faster way to access the URL and much a much more relevant avenue for navigation than a plain link.  It is also much much effective use of space than a long line of text and is more mobile-friendly.  

I know I wanted something that spoke to the fine art work that it was representing, something that sat on the border or art and design  My fine art is characterized by a riveting sense of exploration, and I wanted something that felt very whimsical and that felt like it was driven by a love of exploring new places.  The banners were my starting point. I began by creating a set of sketches.

Some of the icons were "sketched" out in Illustrator, others began as hand sketches and were converted to vectors.



I recently partnered with WC Staging Group, an interior  design firm, based out of the Bay Area.  They stage properties for multi million dollar Realestate agents.  They will help me build awareness for my fine art brand by getting my work in front of potential buyers as well as their clientele.  A designed a name plate to go with the part piece that they will go along with the piece in the staged properties.

I wanted to the title text's form to mimic the form of the subject of the art piece in question 


I use an illustrative font with classical curves to create an old school vibe.


Here is the final product


Professional photography fliers

The problem

I provide several kinds of photography services to a wide variety of client, such as event, wedding, family, graduation, portrait, etc.  I wanted to create a piece of marketing collateral that accomplishes two things:

  1. Embodies and strengthens my brand values.
  2. Promotes my photo work.


The solution

Classic film motifs were used as a nod to the classical values that stand at the heart of my branding.   The film motif is presents throughout the design.  I wanted to give a nod to the the classic,  honored tenants of photography that speak to the craft at it's core. I wanted to make the work the focus of the design to convey maximum value in the eye of a potential client.   I used recessed colors throughout the design to draw the viewers eye to the bright vibrant tones of my photography.  I also incorporated my photography logo into the top of the design.