Erich Boehm
poster frame mockup.jpg


Marketing/print collateral

Tools used : Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.


A poster for a fictional large scale arts and wine event.  The event would feature a selection of fine art, live music, and wine tasting in an open outdoor setting.  The objective was to cater to a younger demographic than is normally interested in fine art, and in doing so spark a cultural shift.  Typically, fine art is meant to appeal to an older crowd (typically in their 40s-50s.)  I wanted to create an event that target's a much broader demographic, namely millennial.  



I started off by creating a general layout.  My goal here was to create a sense of vibrance so I wanted the foundation to support that goal through a sense of motion.  


I wanted to create a strong focal point to draw the viewer's eye to the center and to do this, drew on the  3 tenants or the event (wine, art, and music.)  I wanted to use this as an opportunity to imply a sense of motion here as well, so I set about creating a sketch. (the relevant sketch is on the bottom right hand corner.)


The design was meant to mimc a banner that has been folded at an angle.  This was then traced over in Illustrator and each title was placed on a different segment of the banner.   The layout above allows the two titles to be placed at diagonals, which amplifies the sense of motion.


Font used is Burford Rustic Shadow

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