Erich Boehm

Matchstick Cofee

Packaging design for a fictional coffee brand.

Tools used:  Adobe Illustrator


We live in an era where most of the beverages we drink are controlled by monolithic, bottom minded corporations who place quality and ethical values second to revenue and growth.  I wanted to create a brand of coffee that echoed a renaissance to classical values.   I wanted to create brand that transported the viewer back to an era of yesteryear where companies were small, family owned entities and values such as customer service, honesty, ethics, attention to quality were held dear and quarterly earnings weren't unapologetically placed on a pedestal above the value of the product.  I wanted to create something that was distinctly classical yet resonated with a modern audience.



Like most of my brands it began with a name.  Fire is one of the most critical aspects of human society for thousands of years.  It played a big role in so many parts of day to day life.  It warmed people's houses, provided heat for cooking, and even cleared land for agricultural purposes.  There is something very "honest" about fire.   The matchstick has always been symbol of fire and Matchstick Coffee would take this honest, pure quality to heart in addition to being fire-brewed instead of the typical electrical approach.  Many modern beverages includes additives and fillers to increase shelf life and worse, addict the customer.  Many big corporations have a very tenuous focus on quality.  There is an emphasis on selling cheap, over commoditized goods for a lower price.  Match stick coffee would be a complete departure from this, with no extra additives.   Delivering the best quality product to the customer would come first.  wanted to create a strong geometric foundation to use as the starting point of my design.  From there, I built out a modern, symmetric geometric layout.  This helps to add a sense of rhythm and rhyme to things.  A classic typeface was used in combination with classic subdued colors in order to create a sense of classical nostalgia.  The focal point of the design was the form in the center that is meant to resemble a factor and provide a nod to the brand values of authenticity and integrity.  Many beverage companies these days have less then clear messages when it comes to production.  Matchstick coffee would be a radical departure from that and would seek to change the way beverage comapanies are perceived.