Erich Boehm
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A complete product, built from the ground up, including logo design, product rending, and more.

Tools used:  Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Maya 3D

adventure-climb-clouds-691668 copy.jpg


As someone who is an avid explorer, both in terms of creative thinking in addition to exploring the world as a hobby, I wanted to create brand that is all about the intersection of freedom and exploration and is all about empowering connection.  The presented me with a challenge, as freedom and connection might seem like they are mutually exclusive.

Smart phones have revolutionized the way we connect to the world and each other, but there is a problem.  When one steps outside of the area that is covered, their device essentially becomes useless.  As an avid explorer,  I have come to appreciate this dilemma on a personal level. 


Flock is a device that aims to address this problem by filling in these "dead zones" and allowing your smart devices to be used in rural places and the great outdoors.   I wanted to create a brand that embodies  and empowers abstract ideas that resonate with me on deep level, such as a "freedom" and "connection.  From there, I branched  created various association word maps of brand values.  I had various concepts in mind that spoke to the brand such as "grow", "group", "ripple", "extend", and I mapped out these words to visualize their associations with various online word-mapping tools.


I chose "Flock" because it alludes to the brand values of freedom that the device is meant to inspire. In addition, it also speaks to the concept of a group, and greater connection is very much a part  of the brand.  

Once I had the name, I created several different concepts for the logo.  A clean modern style to convey the progressive impact of technology was the major focus


It was hard to choose, but I ended up going with the circular logo on the second row from the bottom, as it is simple, elegant, and communicates the world wide impact of the brand.

Next, I set about designing the physical product.  I knew that I wanted something simple and minimal, and I ended up going with a cube shape.  It is simple and robust, and it provides the opportunity to use different sides of the cube to display cursory information.  The user toggles these displays on and off by tapping the exterior edges of the top of the cube.  The interior, recessed edged features lighting as well to communicate the current stats of the the device (eg. blinking blue to indicate that it is currently pairing, currently updating, etc.)  On the top if is the power button.   Lighting is big part of the design so the user can use the device when little natural light is available.  I experimented with various shapes and forms, such as a cylindrical design.  Here are some sketches I started off with. From where, I moved my ideas into a 3D space.

28208591_548216108887972_27981598_o copy.png

The device would be controlled through a companion app on a smart device, and so I also went ahead and mocked up a dashboard.  Like the branding the emphasis, was on a clean, simple aesthetic.  The first screen is where the user manages their connected devices, and where they can facilitate pairing and unpairing as well as block unwanted devices from connecting.  The second screen shows network activity, allowing a user to track down the source of high network usage as well as throttle upload speed and download speeds if their provider has stipulations about data usage.