Personal Project.  I was going for an asian theme here.  I wanted to capture a feel of culture here in a slightly stylized way.  I modeled a low polygon mesh to start out with then then used smoothing/subdividing to make the mesh smoother.  Lighting is two fold.  The main light is "natural" light environmental light where light is coming in from the outside and i also added a second light to enhance the mood. The incense stick is actually emitting light due the fact that it an RGB emitter.  This actually helped to add some nice color highlights on the back of the dragon.  The smoke was actually added in post production and i feel like it added a nice touch to the piece.
 Personal project.  Wanted to give the sense that the diamonds are falling and i created that feeling through point of view. 
 Personal project : Rembrandt lighting.  In this piece I sought to create a digital equivalent of the dutch masters of lighting (notably Rembrandt.)  A modern re imaging if you will.  The goal was to create a very stark differene between light and shadow.  I accomplished this using a completely dark room and placed a key light very high and to the side of the hookah, a very simple yet effective lighting solution.  One of my other minor goals was to have lot of the subject only visible as a silhouette and i think that ligthing really lends itself to this.
 Personal project. My goal here was to visually essence of what it is to be an artists.  Kind of self reflection, if you will.  Most of the scene was fairly easy to do, however the paint tube proved to be pretty challenging. I really want to have a realistic looking paint drip to really add a sense of believably.    I didnt plan on doing the dried up paint in the cap, but i ended up adding it later and i think that all these details put together really enhance the realism of the scene.
 Personal project. I had two light sources, one on either side of the scene and i experimented with the colors to get a very exotic feel.   I was inspired by the elaborate lighting in night clubs.
still life.png
 Personal project : warm / cool.  This was a two part series where i wanted to create two opposite yet almost complimentary moods of the same scene.   The scene is closed, in that the only light being received is from inside the room. For the cool version,  i am only using a an emitter on the mirror that is at 6000k.
 Personal project : warm / cool.  This was a two part series where i wanted to create two opposite yet almost complimentary moods of the same scene.   The scene is closed, in that the only light being received is from inside the room. For this warmer version, i turned off the light on the mirror and used a much warmer light source, something much closer to 2000k.
 Personal project.  Deceptively simple, the bottom  part of the subject is divided into around 2 dozen faces, each one with a different color of rgb emitter asignmed to it.  The result is an abstract, colored form being projected onto the area below.
 Personal project : Product visualization.  This was an attempt to create a mockup of a wine ad that might appear in maybe print or advertising.  The goal here to create a photo realistic rendition of wine.  Used a single light source and rendered the scene with MLT to get the colored lighting effects on the wood.
 Personal project : interior design // mood lighting.  I wanted to create  a kitchen with a modern/clean feel.  This scene involved a lot alot of detailing.  Extensive work went into creating and populating the scene with small details .  The closet has over a dozen cups and plates in it, all of which were modeled separately.  Even the sink is a full of water.   I used reference images to make sure the that the proportions of the cups and the wine bottle are spot on.   Its little details like this that when put together help to give a piece of sense of personality. I wanted to make the room feel "lived in."  
 Personal project: Product visualization.  The goal here was to create a photo realistic rendition of the lighters.  I modeled them using reference imagery to get every little detail as spot on as possible.  This project was all about the details : from the curvature of the tops of the lighters to the little grooves in the wheels, everything helped to add a sense of believability to the scene.
 Personal project : Product visualization. Like the wineglass project the goal here was really to create something photorealistic that might be used in advertising or print.  I used some real art pens that i had lying around for inspiration/ reference.  Getting it to look believable was all in the little things, like proportions .
 Personal project : Product visualization.  This was modeled after a guitar I owned.  This might be used for print or advertising.
 Personal project.  A physically modeled light bulb.The only light source here is the filament int he light bub, i think it's nice  because it creates some pretty neat reflections inside as some cool, subtle ambient lighting.
 Personal project.  Goal was to create a photorealistic of orange juice, that might be used for print or advetising.  The scene is lit by a single light source in the front  because i didnt want anything too fancy.  I mainly wanted to draw the viewers eye to the cup with the bold yellow.
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